Our team

Christos Spyrou

Christos comes with experience from 4 continents 8 nations and 30 years within the global air cargo logistics industry. During his professional journey, he was exposed to many different markets and cultures of conducting airfreight business.

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Peter Whitfield

Peter has had a career spanning 50 years in the international freight forwarding and logistics industry and is now spending the majority of his time providing advice and support to various organizations through his consulting company based in Atlanta GA. He was the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Air Cargo Pty Ltd., […]

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Sam Okpro

Sam was born in Nigeria but his life and business journey depicts him as a “Citizen of the World”. He studied in Germany before moving to Canada where he is now a Citizen and started his air cargo career upon graduation from Montreal’s Concordia University at Air Canada. He has lived and worked as a […]

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Jelena Babic-Vogas

Jelena is a logistics professional with over 15 years’ experience in sales and business development in Europe. She has Excellent communication skills and has developed and maintains successful working relationships. After studying in one of the top International athletic Universities, Jelena achieved a bachelor’s degree as a sports professor with extensive studies included. Working under […]

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Cécile Bailleul

Cécile is a French, experienced shipping and transportation lawyer. Throughout her international carrier has specialized in providing legal advice to numerous freight forwarders and carriers, and has also worked in the Insurance industry. Based out of NAP Athens Greece regional office, she assists NAP and its members, in a variety of air cargo transportation matters.

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Jerry Qian

Jerry is a young professional with over 15 years working experience in the air cargo and forwarding industry in China and the U.S. Global perspective, creative, dynamic and detail-oriented, he is the ideal colleague to work with. He is specialized in air cargo operations and procurement, and he is a TSA certified cargo operator. For […]

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Boris Bartula

Boris comes with over 20 years’ experience in graphic and web design in various industries, and over 10 years’ in air, rail and road freight combined. Boris is specialized in web design UI/UX design and holds Masters degree in Graphical engineering and design. Through research, concept development & design, Boris helps build interactive experiences and […]

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Muriel Zographos

Muriel holds a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration with a degree in Marketing Management.

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Rafael Navarrete

Rafael will be responsible to support and assist our Latin America members and Spanish speaking countries to grow their business through NAP, as well as to increase our presence in Americas, with quality air cargo experts filtered by industry expertise and specialization. Rafael is a young entrepreneur with 8 Years works experience in 3 different […]

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Johanna Cachapero Barja

Johanna started at an International Non-Government Organization, being part of the Admin, assisting different nationalities. Leaving after 7 years, this experience taught me to always keep detailed documentation, work in a multicultural environment, and enhanced my communication skills.

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Nikos Sachinis

Nikos graduated from the Athens School of Economics and Business Administration. During the last 28 years, I have occupied positions of high responsibility, in important multinational and Greek companies in Greece and abroad (China, Venezuela). Before joining in, Nikos was working for an International Shipping Company of the UAE in China and Venezuela in a […]

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